Kia gives a preview of 2015 minivan before official debut

April 3, 2014 12:00 AM

Minivans are some of the best and most popular options for families of all sizes because of their passenger capacity, versatile second-row seating and desirable features such as rear air-conditioning, power-sliding doors and entertainment systems. Additionally, provided owners keep up with scheduled maintenance, these vehicles are some of the safest on the road. Those who are looking for a new car in this market may find their options are limited. While there haven't been any major minivan releases recently, Kia is changing all that with the launch of a 2015 model. Though the vehicle isn't making its official debut until the New York auto show April 18-27, the automaker has already released teaser images to get motorists and potential buyers excited.

Moderate changes
So what can you expect? Currently, no name has been confirmed for the model. However, Automobile magazine predicted that it will be called the Kia Sedona. The news outlet also believes the minivan will be equipped with a V6 engine - specifically, the 3.3-liter unit that powers the Kia Sorento and Cadenza. As the source suggested that the interior will probably boast more luxurious looks than the current Sedona minivan, it's likely that the price tag will be higher as well.

AutoBlog noted that the new model is staying true to the visual elements of the modern Kia, complete with LED light piping, swept-back headlights and a tabbed grille up front. However, several notable design updates have been made to this midsize multi-purpose vehicle. One thing we know for sure is that the automaker has promised the new minivan will "challenge the segment," as well as transport up to eight passengers and their belongings. What's surprising, though, is that Kia has also stated that this vehicle will appease adventure-seekers as well.

A thrilling milestone
This model marks a significant development for the Kia brand. Edmunds reported that since the model first hit the market in 2005, it hasn't seen any redesigns. For the first update in nine years, Kia is certainly going all out. Stephanie Brinley, a senior analyst for the Americas at IHS Automotive, told the source that the 2015 edition is a "brand new vehicle."

"There will be major changes to the chassis, engine, exterior and interior," said Brinley.

Edmunds noted that the main competition for the new Sedona will be Dodge Grand Caravan, Honda Odyssey, Toyota Sienna, Nissan Quest and Chrysler Town & Country. According to the news outlet, the car should be available to consumers by October.

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