Keep your eyes on the road: The most dangerous roads in America

March 7, 2011 12:00 AM

Summer is fast approaching and that means that drivers across the U.S. will be hitting the highway to enjoy one of America's vacation institutions - the cross country road trip. With modern technologies and sturdy vehicles, many drivers may feel confident that they can easily navigate the nation's complex infrastructure. Yet while GPS systems and upgraded hardware can make a vehicle that much safer, there are still a number of roadways that drivers should steer clear of.

According to, one of the most dangerous routes in the country is Interstate 95, a lengthy east coast road that runs from South Florida up through Maine. This highway is marked with a number of potholes, long stretches without dividers, poor signage and narrowing lanes, making it a daunting task for even the safest drivers.

Drivers may want to get a tune up before heading along Interstate 10 (Florida-Houston, Texas), as portions of the roadway are still tackling repairs from damage received during Hurricane Katrina in 2005. Of particular note is the Twin Span Bridges in Louisiana, where narrow roadways and construction efforts produce an often rocky ride.

While the road itself is relatively safe, California's Interstate 5 is home to a massive number of drunk driving incidents, a factor that should put all drivers traveling I5 on guard at all times.

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