KBB projects March sales will rise past 1.4 million

March 23, 2012 12:00 AM

Kelley Blue Book reports that March new car sales are slated to hit 1.4 million, which would make it the best March since 2007, the year before the economic downturn.

An increased interest in fuel-efficient vehicles due to high gas prices combined with attractive incentives and easy financing are driving up sales of new cars, reports the news source. March has historically been a strong month for car sales because many buyers use their tax returns as down payments on a new vehicle.

Still, buyers are looking at new cars with the economy in mind, preferring affordable cars with great gas mileage in order to save money.

"Subcompact car sales will be especially strong, since they are the most affordable vehicles in the marketplace today," said Alec Gutierrez, senior market analyst of automotive insights for KBB.  "Not only are they cost effective, but the subcompacts available for sale today are of significantly higher quality than those offered just a few years ago."

Even if you plan on trading your current vehicle for a new one, auto maintenance is still important. Taking care of any car repairs before visiting the dealership will increase the value of the vehicle and allow you to get a better price for your trade.

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