KBB names Top 10 Sedans Under $25,000

March 15, 2012 12:00 AM

Many drivers are looking to save money on their next car purchase, but the amount of new cars on the market can make it difficult to zero in on the good models. This is especially true of sedans, which are the most common types of car on the road.

Kelley Blue Book recently attempted to take some of the pain out of purchasing a car by publishing their list of the Top 10 Sedans Under $25,000. This list of cars should be a good starting point for those looking to step into a newer model without breaking the bank.

Notable cars that made the list included the Toyota Camry, Ford Fiesta, Honda Accord, Buick Verano and Hyundai Sonata. The top spot on the list, however, went to the Volkswagen Passat, which was redesigned for this year. Volkswagen decided to make the car much roomier to appeal to American customers in 2012, and it appears their plan worked well, as KBB was far from the only media outlet to praise the new vehicle.

One other way to make purchasing a new car a bit easier is to keep up with the auto maintenance on your current vehicle. An automobile that doesn't need major car repairs will command a higher trade-in value at the dealer than one with numerous problems.

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