Jon Travolta's Mercedes stolen in Santa Monica

September 20, 2011 12:00 AM

Actor John Travolta recently experienced every vintage car owner's nightmare. While visiting a Jaguar car dealer, his vintage sports car, a 1980 Mercedes-Benz 280SL, was stolen off the street. The theft took place in a period of just 10 minutes while Travolta was away from the vehicle according to The Daily Mail.

Following the theft, Travolta returned to the Jaguar dealership, where he waited for police to arrive.

"It's a grand theft auto investigation for a crime that happened in a 10-minute window," Santa Monica Police Sargent Richard Lewis told the Los Angeles Times.

While protecting your car from theft may be difficult, there are other actions one can take to ensure that their car is in tip-top shape. Visiting the mechanic for a tune up or vehicle inspection can help drivers rest easy that their car is in good working condition.

While Travolta may be known for his love of aviation, the Pulp Fiction actor is also quite fond of cars. His vehicular collection includes a Rolls-Royce, Thunderbird and Jaguar XJ6. The stolen car could be worth up to $35,00, though some estimate that figure to be too low. 

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