John Wayne's hunting vehicle: a million-dollar car?

October 6, 2011 12:00 AM

There are very few instances of unique vehicles in the world, but Texas state legislator Joe Pickett believes he owns one. The politician is an avid vehicle collector, but his crown jewel is the custom-made 1966 International TravelAll that was built specifically for legendary actor John Wayne.

Wayne reportedly used the beast of a vehicle as a hunting car on his Arizona ranch. When Pickett learned that the Wayne family was selling the vehicle after the actor's death, he did everything he could to purchase it, selling off several of his other vehicles and taking out a car loan to finance the purchase.

Now, Pickett has decided to part ways with the vehicle, putting it up on eBay for $1 million dollars. Pickett personally believes the car is "priceless," but told the Houston Chronicle that he felt it was time to let go of the car he's come to love.

"By asking $1 million, I'm hoping a million people find out about it, and I'll eventually find that right person or museum that's serious about it," he told the news source.

Whether you've got a classic car yourself or just a vehicle you want to last, auto maintenance is important. All vehicles deteriorate over time, but keeping up with repairs and maintenance can ensure that the car remains on the road - or the hunting range - for a long time. 

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