Jimmy Fallon's Ford contest

April 1, 2014 12:00 AM

The quirky comedic host of The Tonight Show, Jimmy Fallon, recently launched a contest to help him make his next big purchase - a Ford F-150 King Ranch. Inspired by a jibe from Arnold Schwarzenegger, who insinuated that the comic drove a "girly truck," the talk show host turned his humiliation into a chance for the audience to watch him recover his manliness.

According to Communities Digital News, the contest, which came after Fallon announced that the Ford truck was his next big purchase, pits salespeople against each other in an attempt to gain his business. The rules are simple - each participating contestant will place his or her finger on the vehicle. The last person to stay touching the truck wins the right to Fallon's business. 

AutoBlog reported that 10 reps from different dealerships around the country have signed up to test their endurance. At the end of it all, Fallon will honor his pact and buy the truck from the winning salesperson. While this might seem an unorthodox way to purchase a vehicle, the host of The Tonight Show is known for his outlandish behavior. Who knows? Maybe he'll make the first to lose the contest provide a free tune up

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