JFK hearse sells for $160,000

January 23, 2012 12:00 AM

The hearse used to transport the body of President John F. Kennedy has sold at auction for approximately $160,000, reports CNNMoney.

The winning bid was submitted by Colorado real estate developer Stephen Tebo, who has a collection of more than 400 cars already. Tebo also owns cars connected to icons like John Lennon and Frank Sinatra.

Although the final price was more than quadruple what a Cadillac hearse in this condition would normally be worth, some believed the car would sell for more. Last year, a similar item went up for auction when sellers claimed they had found the ambulance that transported JFK after his assassination. However, there were some doubts to the legitimacy of this claim, which drove the price down to $132,000. Despite the hearse having no such doubts, it only sold for slightly higher.

"I was surprised," McKeel Hagerty, president of a car collector insurance company, told the news source. "I had thought this car would bring more than that."

To keep a car running for decades, the owner has to pay special attention to auto maintenance. It might take a bit of an investment now, but if a car ultimately becomes a classic, drivers could have a chance to recoup all you've put into it over the years.

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