Jeep sets the record straight in Europe

July 30, 2012 12:00 AM

Chrysler has hit back at a report in the Swedish magazine Teknikens Varld that alleged the company's new Jeep Grand Cherokee was at danger of rolling over during emergency lane change situations.

The so-called "moose test" is popular among automotive safety publications, as it tests how the vehicle responds when it needs to change lanes quickly, reports Autoblog. Teknikens Varld produced a video showing the Grand Cherokee lifting up onto two tires as it swerved to avoid a sudden danger on the road, calling into question the vehicle's safety.

Chrysler alleged Teknikens Varld falsified the test, purposely overloading the Jeep Grand Cherokee in order to make it appear unsafe. To prove it, the company contacted German publication Auto Motor und Sport to recreate the test.

The German magazine had their own driver in the car for the test, and the course was set up according to German Automotive Manufacturer Association regulations. In the test, the Grand Cherokee remained safely on the road, with all four wheels touched down. Chrysler says this proves the Swedish test was false. The Swedish magazine has not responded to the charges.

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