Jeep named the most patriotic brand

July 5, 2013 12:00 AM

The Fourth of July has come and gone, but that doesn't mean some automakers are done celebrating America. In fact, there are a few car manufacturers that stand above the rest when it comes to how patriotic their brands appear. 

"As marketers traditionally operate on the Independence Day theory that a patriotic, flag-waving call-to-emotion will motivate consumers to behave more positively toward their brands, we wanted to see which brands actually led when it came to that particular value," said Robert Passikoff, president of Brand Keys, as quoted by USA Today. 

A study from Brand Keys found that Jeep was the most patriotic brand in the country, besting powerhouses like Coca-Cola, Levi's, Disney and Hershey's. Opinions from more than 4,500 consumers contributed to the rankings, which found that the American manufacturer resonates strongly with U.S. residents thanks to its off-roading capabilities and history of use in military endeavors.

The only other member of the auto industry to rank in the top 25 was Ford, which came in at No. 16. 

While patriotism may not help drivers save money on auto repair or get better fuel economy, it can help them feel better about their ride and enhance the driving experience, which is something that should not be overlooked. 

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