Jay-Z and Kanye's "Otis" Maybach sells for $60,000

March 16, 2012 12:00 AM

Those who have seen the music video for the song "Otis" likely remember the chopped-up Maybach that Jay-Z and Kanye West go for a ride in. That famous car was sold off at a charity auction to benefit Save the Children recently, although the vehicle didn't bring in the big bucks it was expected to.

The car was originally $350,000, but Jay-Z and Kanye essentially ruined it for the video. Still, the fact that it's a Maybach combined with the famous rappers' touch was expected to be enough to make the car go for $100,000. However, the car only sold for $60,000 in the end.

Autoblog reports that this is roughly what the vehicle would have gotten if it was sold for parts. Since the car was sold at a contemporary art auction, rather than at an auction with other cars, the news source speculated that it's possible the famous vehicle could be resold at another auction with similar celebrity cars and fetch a higher price.

No amount of car repairs may restore this Maybach to pristine condition, but owners who have more traditional vehicles should still pay close attention to their auto maintenance in order to keep the values of their own car high.

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