Jay-Z and Kanye to auction off vehicle from "Otis" video

February 29, 2012 12:00 AM

Sometimes the presence of a celebrity can increase the value of a vehicle - even if that car is nigh worthless. That's exactly the case with Jay-Z and Kanye West's Maybach, which they recently donated to charity.

This isn't just any Maybach - it's the car from the rappers' "Otis" video, which debuted last year. In the video, the two rappers go for a joyride in the car. There's just one problem - they stripped all the doors and roof off of the vehicle.

Normally a Maybach in this condition wouldn't be worth all that much, reports The Daily Mail. Since the car is part of pop culture history, however, it's expected to sell for $100,000 - about one-third of the vehicle's original value.

The two rappers donated the vehicle to be auctioned off at a benefit for Save The Children. The charity is hoping to raise funds for families in East Africa, which has been plagued by drought.

Drivers should be sure to take care of their vehicles better than Kanye and Jay-Z did. Regular auto maintenance can ensure that a vehicle stays on the road and holds onto its value over time. 

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