Jay Leno takes a spin in a high mileage Lamborghini

September 17, 2012 12:00 AM

Jay Leno is one of America's most famous personal car collectors, but even he can't lay claim to the world's highest-mileage Lamborghini. That honor belongs to Jack Riddell, who brought the 1967 Lamborghini 400GT 2+2 over to Jay Leno's garage earlier this week and let the talk show host take it for a drive.

Riddell has owned the Lamborghini since he bought the vehicle used in 1972. Since then, he has driven it daily and racked up over 250,000 miles. Old Italian sports cars aren't usually known for their longevity, but Riddell has proved that a little bit of vehicle maintenance can go a long way.

In order to keep the vehicle in prime working condition, things under the hood have been redone. According to Motor Authority, Riddell has rebuilt the engine on five separate occasions and had car repair on the transmission done several times as well. He also had the interior restored and touched up the paint job himself.

It may seem like a pain to care for a vehicle that needs scheduled maintenance every 1000 miles, but for drivers and their favorite car it's a labor of love.

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