Jay Leno: Car connoisseur

April 24, 2014 12:00 AM

Jay Leno, the long-time and just recently retired host of NBC's The Tonight Show, has an epic and storied relationship with fancy cars. Fans of Leno's distinct brand of comedy may have heard that the boisterous late night host also has an impressive collection of sports cars.

Leno has gained such notoriety in this area that NBC.com has a special page called "Leno's Garage," which is dedicated to displaying the awesome assemblage of vehicles Leno has collected over his long and successful career. You may be wondering how Leno has the time to deal with auto repair for these vehicles - though the famed comedian is probably as tireless in this regard as he is when delivering hilarious one-liners.

Highlights of Leno's collection
According to Motor Authority, a prominent new car in Leno's awe-inspiring collection is the McLaren P1, the first of its kind to be purchased in the U.S. The McLaren is an English car, with the source referring to the machines prowess with the moniker "supercar." Leno, in keeping with his eager enthusiasm for cars, was the first person outside of England to drive the model. 

No doubt picking up some tips on the necessities of vehicle maintenance for a "supercar," Leno also had the unique English car delivered to his home in Beverly Hills, California. So, next time you see Leno riding around the California area, you may also see a fresh vehicle.

Leno's history of auto investments
Wall Street Cheat Sheet recently provided a list of the sleekest cars in Leno's garage. A quirky example of Leno's vast range of car-buying tastes is the Ariel Atom, a vehicle that distinctly resembles a Formula One racing car. The source noted that the car is able to attain incredible speeds - due to a 300-horsepower engine propelling it. The Atom also benefits from being Spartan in appearance, as doors and windows are repudiated so the car can gain unprecedented levels of speed. While this is impressive, it also means owners will need to invest in some serious brake repair to make stops on a dime, even at high speeds. 

"Viscerally, it's the most exciting car I've ever driven," said Leno, according to the source.

Another funky vehicle in Leno's garage is the Local Motors Rally Fighter, which boasts an elevated frame that is sure to be appealing to fans of off-road driving, as it is ideal for avoiding bumps and grooves in the earth that can cripple a low-hanging vehicle. These and many other creations are found in Leno's cool garage - a fitting monument to the comedian's love for the automobile.

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