Jason Bateman's used BMW up for sale

May 24, 2011 12:00 AM

Jason Bateman's used BMW 530xi has made its way to internet website AutoTrader, with fans of the actor able to purchase the car for the moderate price of $35,000.

The vehicle is somewhat unique, as it appears that Bateman wasn't happy with the exterior styling of the vehicle - it sports a body modification kit normally reserved for BMW's 550 model.

"Mr. Bateman must have asked the dealership to install the sport package from a 550 on the car," said Tim Yost, who is selling the car on AutoTrader for Autobahn West, the dealership where Bateman apparently traded in the vehicle. "It looks like a 550xi wagon... if they made one."

Buyer beware on this one - the $35,000 price tag is slightly higher than the $33,000 that Kelley Blue Book approximates for a similar-equipped vehicle. Still, the custom body kit might be worth it to some drivers - or maybe you're just really a big fan.

Bateman is perhaps best known for appearing as Michael Bluth on the cult classic TV series "Arrested Development," although he has also acted in films such as "Juno," "Paul," and "The Kingdom" since then.

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