Japanese manufacturer builds plan for global domination

January 20, 2011 12:00 AM

Mitsubishi announced that they'll stop making American-made cars by 2014 and introduce a new global line of vehicles, reports Auto Week.

The automaker, which has a plant in Illinois, is reportedly taking advantage of the 3 percent increase in U.S. sales by presenting an entire new line up of models.

"Our sales in North America will increase," said company president Osamu Masuko said. "We'll still be selling cars brought in from Japan, and we'll be adding the global small car as well."

Masuko also told reporters that Mitsubishi plans on releasing an electric vehicle later this year but is also considering ideas to build a pickup truck and a small global car that would initially be constructed in Thailand.

The overall plan, called "Jump 2013," will see a number of strategic moves from the Japanese automaker including the release of eight electric vehicles or hybrids and an an expanded market presence in less popular regions like Latin America and the Middle East.

Essentially, Mitsubishi is plotting a move that, if all goes according to plan, will make it the top car producer in the world. Chances are... it won't happen, but placing America in the middle of it all can't hurt its chances.

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