Jaguar reveals million-dollar hybrid miracle car

May 6, 2011 12:00 AM

We're always a sucker for ridiculous sports cars, and Jaguar must have heard. Because that's the only way to describe the new Jaguar C-X75.

Ridiculous specs - 60 miles per hour in less than three seconds. Ridiculously exclusive - only 200 slated to be made, ever. Ridiculous price tag - $1.1 million dollars.

The C-X75 is a rare beast indeed, one of only a handful of concept cars that eventually finds its way to production. Car companies always seek to wow the attendees at auto shows by showing off what's possible, but the cars very rarely see the light of day. Yet the C-X75 - which is a hybrid, by the way - got such a positive reaction at the Paris Motor Show last year that Jaguar executives decided "why not?" and pushed the car into production.

Fans of the Jaguar brand will likely recognize many of the design cues from the company's lengthy history. It looks a lot like the XJ220 two-seater from the 1990s, although Jaguar bosses say they were inspired by the XJ13 prototype that the company built to race at Le Mans (which never came to fruition).

Jaguar hasn't released the exact specifications yet in terms of horsepower and torque, but has revealed that it will use an internal combustion engine along with two electric motors, one at each axle. Car blog Jalopnik jokingly suggested that the model will be "powered by butterfly tears." Given how insane the car looks so far, we wouldn't be surprised.

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