Jaguar gets ready to make a name for itself with electric cars

January 20, 2011 12:00 AM

Jumping onto the electric vehicle (EV) band wagon has been fairly easy for many car manufacturers, but Jaguar has been a little slow on the uptake simply because of its customer base, reports Vanity Fair.

With the stigma of EVs being too slow and not very attractive, Jaguar customers weren't likely going to go for it.

Now, however, the luxury automaker is releasing several electric cars that keep the company's elegant designs and stylish reputation.

The Jaguar C-X75, modeled on the 1966 XJ13, is a beautiful machine with some serious power. According to the magazine, the C-X75 can reach up to 200 mph, a massive feat for a vehicle that's running on battery power. Thanks to one motor per wheel and two micro-gas-turbine engines, drivers won't even know they're driving something they once feared was beneath then.

Other special features include ejector seats, door-size speakers and a snazzy aerodynamic shape.

The car was revealed at the Los Angeles Auto Show in 2010, but Vanity Fair doesn't state when the C-X75 will be released. No doubt it's price upon request.

Lotus and Fisker Karma also plan to release their own super-cool electric vehicles, but it's Jaguar who seems to have the right idea.

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