Insurers and drivers prep for Hurricane Sandy

October 30, 2012 12:00 AM

With Hurricane Sandy bearing down on the East Coast, drivers and insurers are preparing for the worst. According to NBC News, insurance companies are working to make sure power outages and potential flooding will not hurt response times, and many have multiple teams standing by in case of emergency. Experts predict that the biggest problem caused by the hurricane will be wind damage to roofs and cars, with flooding also causing damage to homes and businesses across the country.

In order to avoid damage or potentially dangerous situations, there are certain things that drivers can do to protect their automobiles. Progressive outlines some tips for vehicle safety during hurricanes, including heeding evacuation warnings and seeking shelter inland if on the coast. The company also recommends taking important documents, such as proof of insurance and registration, from the car and moving it to a safe place.

Those who may have to drive in the hurricane should fill up their gas tank beforehand. Keeping an emergency kit in the car, containing items like a first-aid kit, flashlight and blanket, is also a must for drivers. Drive slowly and carefully through water, avoiding downed electrical wires and areas with standing water that could cause harm to people and automobiles. Cars should be parked on the highest ground possible, away from trees or other harmful objects that may be affected by high winds and result in a need for car repair

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