Inside Volvo's crafty inflatable car seat

April 15, 2014 12:00 AM

The Swedish car company Volvo - widely esteemed for its commitment to safety - is working on a lightweight car seat that can be inflated in under a minute with a built-in pump, according to a press release by the company. Car owners have a number of items to worry about when driving, like brake repair, so a convenient and safe option for an on-the-go car seat could be helpful for parents. Thankfully, Volvo is pioneering this new easily transportable car seat so that the woes of the past may become just that, noted ABC News.  

Volvo at forefront of car seat innovations
New innovations in car-related technology are nothing new for Volvo, as they have long sought to avoid dreaded auto repair while placing the highest emphasis on safety.The company was instrumental in designing the ISOFIX car seat, a seat which began from the premise that most car seats were fitted incorrectly, causing discomfort to children and infants while also being inefficient. Car drivers often seek to maximize the safety of their cars, focusing on elements such as auto alignment to have a safe and enjoyable ride. A car seat that is brought along for a trip can prove cumbersome, so Volvo's idea may hopefully lead to a renaissance in car seat innovations.

Crafty technology to play a part in inflatable car seat
According to The Daily Mail, Volvo's envisioned car seat has a number of useful technological innovations. For example, a weary traveler seeking to cut out wasteful time from a trip can inflate the car seat from a mobile Bluetooth device. This is able to be accomplished through the built-in internal pump that inflates the car seat, allowing technology-savvy parents to complete the task from afar.  

Many families, especially when going on their first vacation with their children, will want to avoid getting bogged down with such inconveniences as putting a car seat together. The inflatable car seat may even be able to help a driver quickly empty a car if it is due for auto repair. However, the inflatable car seat is a new idea, something car owners will want to keep in mind when considering investing in Volvo's future technology. The source noted that all these great aspects of the car seat are appended by a small warning, as Volvo has not revealed when the car seat will be available on the market. 

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