Innovative technologies could help the world become greener drivers

January 25, 2011 12:00 AM

MSN Autos did some research and discovered Jacob Gordon, a green driver, who came up with a list of 10 innovations that could help the public become more sustainable when it comes to automobiles.

Some of these ideas are just wacky, but we thought you might find them interesting, and maybe even provide some insight to the future.

"Road Trains" are a confusing idea, but we think we've got it down. Essentially, drivers would get themselves to the freeway, then join a "convoy" led by a professional driver. Connected by remote control, the profession then takes possession of your car and leads it to the destination, along with 5 other cars. Apparently this will cut 20 percent of fuel consumption and reduce traffic and commute times.

Other inventions are bit less complex, such as wireless electric charging and kinetic roads, which produce energy as cars drive over special plates.

An interesting innovation coming from Scotland is the storing of thermal energy radiating from the asphalt in the summer, which can then be used for winter.

Of course, these innovations aren't necessarily poised to change the face of green driving, but it's certainly a step in the right direction, no?

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