Hyundai prepares to make a splash with Super Bowl ads

January 23, 2013 12:00 AM

Hyundai will participate in this year's Super Bowl for the sixth consecutive year, but the company is taking a bigger role than ever before with five total commercials. The automaker will unveil four all-new ads and one existing ad during the big game, with two 30-second spots and one 60-second airing during the pregame and two more 30-second creations debuting during the game itself, Adweek reports. 

The commercials should combine some humor and imagination to resonate with viewers, although it's unclear how much of an impact they will have once the final whistle blows. Hyundai hopes that its new Santa Fe, which stars in many of the ads, will separate itself from the pack of car commercials thanks to memorable situations as well as its easy vehicle maintenance and safety features. 

"Hyundai connects with consumers by continuously being culturally relevant and these new spots are a clear expression of that notion," said Greg Braun, a creative director who worked on the project. "Our Super Bowl campaign as a whole is meant to tell fun, relatable stories that depict our heroes - the people who drive our cars - and ultimately convey the message that Hyundai vehicles enable and inspire them to participate in the fun moments in life." 

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