Hunt for UFOs on the Extraterrestrial Highway

December 9, 2011 12:00 AM

One of the most famous roads in America is State Route 375 in Nevada, though it's not often referred to by this name. Instead, it's known better by it's official nickname, the Extraterrestrial Highway, as this route passes right by the top secret Area 51.

Often depicted in films and television shows, the area around Route 375 is the setting of stories of paranormal encounters and UFO sightings. Many of the small towns along the journey fit in with the alien theme, whether its gift shops selling alien novelty items or restaurants dedicated to the green visitors from outer space.

Approximately 150 miles north of Las Vegas, the small town of Rachel, Nevada, is a frequent stop for tourists, as its the last town before the fenced-in area that comprises the famous Area 51. Other tourist sights, such as the famed "Black Mailbox" are also located along this route.

This highway can be a bit spooky, and the middle of the desert is definitely not the place where you want to run into engine or tire trouble. Before you go, be sure to do an auto maintenance check and install new tires if your current ones are worn out - you don't want any unintended close encounters while traveling on this highway.

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