How to spot an air conditioning leak

August 19, 2011 12:00 AM

With the summer months heating up, your automotive air conditioning system quickly becomes one of the more important parts of your vehicle. As the temperature rises, you'll definitely notice if your A/C is not up to snuff.

One of the more common mishaps with these systems is the leaking of automotive air conditioning refrigerant. The refrigerant essentially keeps the air cool when it comes through the vents in your car. If you've got the temperature turned low but hot air is coming out, you may have a leak.

So how do you know for sure? Check under the car for a green or yellow liquid, says Yahoo! Autos. This is a pretty sure sign, along with the aforementioned cooling issues, that you have a leak somewhere. However, these can be difficult to find, as coolant will evaporate as soon as it leaks out of the system.

Still, you might find an oily substance on some of the hoses in your A/C system. This could indicate a leak. Many shops also sell a "leak detector" solution, which is essentially a colored dye that will pass through the air conditioning system and highlight the area.

Once you've confirmed the leak, it's best to contact an air conditioning service shop. These mechanics have the know-how and proper tools to fix these leaks without further damaging the system. 

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