How to prevent car burglaries during the holiday season

October 23, 2012 12:00 AM

The holiday season often means large party gatherings and heavy crowds at shopping complexes. While some may view this as a minor hassle, these collections of cars can be magnets for thieves looking for their next victim.

Burglars will often use what's known as "smash and grab," according to The Orlando Sentinel, where they break into a car through a window, take any valuables and quickly move on. Drivers can protect themselves from this kind of thievery by taking advantage of a few helpful tips:

The main thing to remember is not to leave valuables in the car. If anything must be left behind, take care to hide it from view. Locking items in the trunk or glove compartment can help avoid unwanted attention, but be sure to hide all evidence of your belongings. Hiding a music player or GPS is a start, but leaving out an adaptor or holder is a giveaway that there are electronics in a vehicle.

Another tip is to have a tune up done before the holiday season. Professionals can check the doors, windows, locks and alarm system to ensure there are no issues that could be abused. Upgrading an alarm or anti-theft device is also helpful in warding off unwanted visitors. 

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