How to prepare your car for a hurricane

August 26, 2011 12:00 AM

Hurricane Irene is sweeping up the east coast and causing many to begin taking preparations in anticipation of a bad storm. Everyone knows the wisdom about sealing up windows and making sure you have enough food and water for the foreseeable future, but those who own a car also need to make sure their vehicle is taken care of.

For starters, try to put your vehicle in a garage or enclosed parking structure if at all possible. Parking on the street is leaving your car susceptible to damage - hurricane winds can easily turn innocuous objects into projectiles that can damage your vehicle, writes the Sun Sentinel.

It's best not to drive during a storm, but if you have to, be sure you have a roadside emergency kit ready to go. It might also pay to buy tires ahead of the trip and ensure everything is inflated correctly - they will be your most critical part during a hurricane to keep intact. Watch out for obstacles like standing water or broken glass, as these can both damage your vehicle.

Drivers may pay special attention to their vehicle during a hurricane, but taking care of a car is a year-round job. Be sure to keep up with your tune-ups and vehicle inspections to ensure that your car will be there when you need it most - like during an emergency.

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