Honda to respond to Civic criticism with changes next year

November 1, 2011 12:00 AM

Honda is reportedly taking criticism of its new Civic sedan to heart, and plans to prioritize a refresh of the car ahead of schedule.

The Japanese automaker launched the new version of its popular Civic this year, but the car was not met with the warm reception of years past. For the first time in years - perhaps even decades - Consumer Reports moved the car off of its "recommended" list, calling it "cheap" and "insubstantial." That feeling was echoed by just about every other critic who came across the car.

One of the reasons for this was a misguided attempt by Honda to appeal to budget consumers. The car was being designed when the economy was in turmoil, and Honda reacted by trying to lower the price of the vehicle and the parts used. However, they went overboard in some areas - a cheaply-made plastic center console has become a lightning rod for criticism, but there are other examples as well.

The automaker has heard these comments and plans to address them in next year's Civic, which won't be completely new but will update some heavily-criticized features.

"We take feedback seriously, regardless of who it's from, and we will act accordingly quickly," John Mendel, American Honda executive vice president, told Autoweek.

Honda may have skimped a bit on their Civic, but drivers should not do the same when it comes to auto maintenance. Investing in new tires and oil changes can make a marked difference on the lifespan of your vehicle. 

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