Honda surprises band with gig of a lifetime

September 24, 2012 12:00 AM

Honda's new campaign "Honda Loves You Back" has been doing nice things for fans of the automaker since it launched, but the latest stunt may take the cake.

A Los Angeles-based band called Monsters Calling Home shot several of their own music videos in their vehicles, and when Honda found out, the company decided to something nice to the band. According to AutoBlog, Honda lured the band to a studio under the pretense of playing a concert for Honda executives, but then surprised them with a slightly different gig.

Instead of playing to a roomful of Honda employees, Monsters Calling Home was whisked across the street to perform on the late night talk show Jimmy Kimmel Live.

The video for the band's song "Fight to Keep" featured a Honda Accord, CR-V and Fit, all of which belong to band members. They posted the video to Honda's Facebook page in order to share it with fellow fans of the brand, and Honda execs took notice.

This is not the first time Honda has given back to its drivers as part of the campaign. The company previously had Jack-o-lanterns carved with customers' faces and paid parking fees for drivers. In one special case, the manufacturer threw a parade for one man who, with a commitment to car care and vehicle maintenance, drove his Accord over 1 million miles. 

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