Honda launches 2013 Accord campaign

September 24, 2012 12:00 AM

Honda launched its 2013 promotional campaign for the Accord on September 19. Using the tagline "It Starts With You," Honda is aiming to highlight how its updated features are specifically engineered to meet the needs of everyday drivers.

AutoBlog recaps the commercials and reports on the new additions to the Accord. Eight trim levels will be offered for 2013, and drivers have the option of choosing between different engines and transmissions to find what's best for their individual needs. A hybrid sedan will also be joining the lineup.

"This campaign demonstrates how Honda's deep understanding of the customer allowed our engineers to perfect the midsize sedan in the new Accord," said Mike Accavitti, Honda's vice president of marketing. "The new Accord excels in all areas that are important to the midsize buyer so we created an emotionally engaging launch campaign that delivers that message while showing what makes Honda different from the competition and the smart choice."

Automobile enthusiasts can expect to see the commercials on television soon. Each of the spots spotlights a different aspect of the Honda Accord, such as technology, luxury, performance and safety. They also emphasize how the new features of the car can help drivers have a smoother driving experience and avoid potential auto repair

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