Honda is tops for vehicle longevity, statistics show

January 10, 2014 12:00 AM

When you're searching for a new or used car, there are likely a lot of factors that you have to consider. In addition to budget constraints, aspects such as fuel economy, average auto repair costs, comfort and overall driving experience all need to be taken into account. Fortunately for drivers, one brand appears to stand out from all others with regard to its durability and life expectancy, which can make a significant difference in the car-shopping process. 

According to Polk vehicle registration statistics, Honda has been the most reliable vehicle on the roads in recent years. From 1988 to 2012, Honda had the greatest percentage of its vehicles on the road. Of all of its vehicles sold in the last 25 years, the automaker had about 75 percent remaining in use, which is the highest number of any manufacturer. 

That quality is one that may come into play as you are looking for a new investment. After all, drivers usually want to get behind the wheel of a vehicle that will be able to meet their needs over a long period of time. 

"One of the most important considerations for a new vehicle purchase is how long that vehicle will last, and this study demonstrates that Honda quality and reliability is not just part of our hard-earned reputation but represents our industry-leading performance on the road," said Michael Accavitti of American Honda Motor Co. 

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