Honda float to highlight Rose Parade

December 30, 2013 12:00 AM

Car fans who tune in to the 2014 Rose Parade on New Year's Day are in for a treat. Honda plans on stealing the spotlight with an attention-grabbing float that is poised to break records, giving all kinds of drivers and parade enthusiasts something to look forward to Jan. 1.

The automaker is responsible for a parade float dubbed "Keeping Dreams on Track." Measuring in at 274 feet in length, it will be the longest float ever included in the festivities, and it will lead the procession. Currently, the record for the largest float belongs to the brand's 2005 parade entry, which stretched 207 feet. 

"Keeping Dreams on Track is an embodiment of Honda's deeply rooted philosophy, The Power of Dreams, as well as Honda's passions toward following those dreams to guide and inspire us to make a difference," said Stephen Morikawa, assistance vice president of American Honda Corporate Community Relations. 

Running on a Honda hybrid engine, the specially engineered float celebrates the relationship between the U.S. and Japan, Honda's home country. It also features new technologies that will allow spectators to see what it's like to ride along on the float - an effort that will be helped by large LED screens.

The brand is currently putting the finishing touches on the float, ensuring that no last-minute vehicle maintenance gets in the way of the 9,000 flowers decorating the exterior. 

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