Hat 'n' Boots gas station makes a great roadside attraction

January 11, 2012 12:00 AM

Part of a great road trip is stopping off at all the tourist traps along the side of the road, and sometimes these can be just as fun as the actual destination. Many times, these attractions claim to be the "World's Largest" something, whether its a colossal statue of a cow or a really big ball of twine.

That's exactly the kind of thing drivers will find at the Hat 'n' Boots gas station in the Georgetown neighborhood of Seattle. These may not be the largest cowboy hat and boots in the world, but they certainly attract drivers and tourists. Filling up at this gas station is the perfect way to combine fueling and fun.

The hat measures 44 feet in diameter and sits on top of the fueling station roof, while the boots are 22-feet tall and house the station's restrooms. Legend has it that Elvis Presley himself stopped by this gas station to fill up while he was traveling through Seattle, so it's definitely a time-honored roadside attraction.

Of course, nothing brings a fun road trip to an end quicker than a blown tire. Drivers should consider putting new tires on their car before they hit the road, and it's also a good idea to take car of any other lingering auto maintenance, such as oil changes.

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