Handling car collisions - what's the next step?

March 24, 2011 12:00 AM

What is the best way to handle an automobile accident? MSN Autos has some words of advice including what not to do, to make sure you stay alive.

Once an accident occurs, many people think to get out of the car, whether it's to survey the damage, yell at the other car's driver or just to get away. This is one of the most dangerous things a passenger could do, however.

"Don't get out of the cars and stand around," says Sgt. Scott Olson, the director of traffic enforcement at the Minneapolis Police Department. "Secondary accidents happen all the time at these crashes." It could be very easy for a motorist, especially on the highway, to not see a person jump out of the car.

Call 911 immediately, states MSN. Even if the accident isn't that bad, it's important to not dial 411 as that will only connect a caller to the police headquarters - not a dispatcher.

If the crash is minor, move the vehicle out-of-the-way to avoid secondary accidents and traffic jams. The opposite goes for serious collisions.

"Act in a way that doesn't make an already bad situation worse," concludes the automobile experts.

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