Halle Berry rolls down Hollywood with her Lexus hybrid

January 31, 2011 12:00 AM

Screen goddess Halle Berry was recently spotted driving around Hollywood in her Lexus hybrid RX 400h, reports Celebrity Cars Blog.

The news site claims she's had the car for a while, which could be considered strange since celebrities are known to constantly trade-up cars. But with its snazzy interior and excellent performance ability, there's no need to trade-in.

Despite her inability to pump gas - photos surfaced earlier in the month depicting her struggles with the credit card machine and getting the hose in the gas tank - it seems like a good fit for her.

Besides its eco-friendly hybrid status, it's also the perfect "mom" car with plenty of space in the back for children and all their gear. Big shopping trips and vacations are made easily thanks to an incredibly large trunk.

With a base price of $45,525 for the all-wheel drive model, it's kind of a steal, at least for Halle.

In the standard package, safety features include Smart Stop technology, LED tailamps, dual and side airbags, plus knee airbags for the front, auto-theft alarm and other important products.

The interior is plush and luxurious with an iPod portal, nine-speaker sound system, varnish-like trim and a 90-day trial with XM Satellite Radio.

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