Great apps for summer road trips

June 21, 2012 12:00 AM

The summer road trip is a time-honored tradition, and many will be hitting America's highways this summer on their way to fun destinations. Many people now own smartphones, which devices offer a number of apps that can really help out with a road trip. USA Today recently profiled a few that drivers may want to consider downloading before they hit the road.

Those seeking sand, sun and surf will fall in love with Swim Guide pretty quickly. This app contains thousands of beaches across the country and can instantly locate water nearby. The app also includes lakes and city parks for those who aren't on the coast, and can instantly give GPS directions to each locale.

If you're not headed to the beach, GoSelect may be more your speed. This application contains a number of popular attractions in each city. Users choose the attractions they want to visit, and receive a bundled "pass" to all of the locations at a reduced rate. This is a great way to save money and avoid long lines.

Keep in mind that a breakdown during a summer road trip can ruin the vacation in a hurry, and there's no app that will fix your car. Before departing, be sure to take your vehicle in for a car tune up and auto air conditioning service. Also, check to make sure the tires are inflated properly and consider an oil change.

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