Gorilla Glass could be coming to cars

June 13, 2013 12:00 AM

You may have never heard of Gorilla Glass, but the chances are you use it. The durable tool from Corning is a regular feature on iPhones and other gadgets - in fact, it's currently found in more than 1.5 billion electronic devices around the world. The near future could see the lightweight, durable glass incorporated into vehicles, which would increase efficiency while reducing outside noise, the MIT Technology Review reports. 

Jeffrey Evenson, the senior vice president of Corning, told the news source that vehicles outfitted with Gorilla Glass would be lighter than traditional cars thanks to the low weight of the glass, thereby decreasing the amount of fuel needed to power the automobile. It may also be better at blocking noise, allowing for a quieter ride. 

According to AutoBlog, most vehicles today use two layers of tempered glass outside of a plastic layer that holds it together, even if the glass itself breaks. It's more than serviceable for most drivers today, but it's also easily chipped or scratched, leading to expensive auto repair for what should have been minor issues. 

Corning hopes to partner with a top automaker in the near future, but there's no telling what vehicles could boast the Gorilla Glass just yet. 

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