Google's robot cars are taking over the streets of California

February 28, 2011 12:00 AM

Google has sneakily brought its autonomous cars - ones that drive themselves - onto the road in the past few months, reports MSN Autos.

The search engine giant showcased the vehicles last summer and into the early days of fall, but the cars quickly fell off the radar. Now, however, it is being reported that seven Toyota Prius hybrids drove the Pacific Coast Highway between San Francisco and Los Angeles.

"Each vehicle was piloted by artificial-intelligence software designed to interpret the data collected by the sensors and use it to mimic the decisions made by a human driver," states the auto news site. "The goal: to fundamentally change the way we use cars."

These robot cars could easily become the future if they turn out to be as amazing as Google claims they are. They can reportedly cut the number of automobile related accidents by half because of instant reactions and a 360-degree awareness of what's around them.

In addition, it could cut down commuter times, diminish carbon footprints and save money on gas.

GM and Volvo are currently researching the technologies as well.

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