Google talking with automakers about self-driving technology

May 4, 2012 12:00 AM

Google has already unveiled a new car that can drive itself, but when this technology will be made available is still up in the air. Analysts have wondered what Google's eventual goal was in developing the technology, and some hints were given recently at the Society of Automotive Engineers World Congress in Detroit.

Google project manager Anthony Levandowski gave a presentation at the event on the company's self-driving cars. Levandoswki also revealed that while Google isn't planning on making vehicles themselves, the tech giant is interested in working with the auto industry to bring the technology to market.

"We don't want to make cars. That's not our interest," he told The Detroit News. "All options are open. From giving the technology away to licensing it to working with Tier 1s, Tier 2s, working with the OEMs, building a car with them, everything is open and we're trying to figure out which paths make the most sense."

Self-driving cars will likely be a reality within a few years, but for now drivers have to stick with their current vehicles. One way to keep today's cars on the road longer is by keeping up with scheduled maintenance.

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