Goodyear introduces self-inflating tires

September 26, 2012 12:00 AM

Goodyear revealed a new tire technology at the 2012 IAA Commercial Vehicle Show in Germany that could be soon changing the way trucks are driven. This system will allow tires to self-inflate, a process that would cut down on vehicle maintenance, improve performance, help fuel efficiency and reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

The new Air Maintenance Technology system will track internal tire pressure from the inside. This mechanism will also keep tires at a constant, optimum pressure without using any external devices or air pumps. Auto Evolution reports the new technology includes sensors that detect if there is a drop in air pressure within the tire. If this happens, valves located around the tire open. The deformation forces air in and inflates it on the go.

If the new system takes off, consumers could see this tire technology coming to personal vehicles in the future. These improvements could help drivers improve mileage, tread and overall performance while cutting down on costs.

Tire-related spending is the single largest maintenance cost for commercial vehicle operators. Over 50 percent of truck and trailer breakdowns involve tires in someway, but the new technology from Goodyear hopes to change all of that. 

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