GM to debut new bi-fuel pickups

March 5, 2012 12:00 AM

General Motors has announced that it will begin taking orders next month on two new bi-fuel pickup trucks, according to The Detroit News.

The automaker's commercial customers have been clamoring for natural gas options on the company's pickup trucks. Natural gas is cheaper than gasoline and is widely available in states like New York and California, although many other places do not yet have fueling stations. The alternative fuel also results in less emissions.

"We expect to see some pretty big size orders coming in on this one," Joyce Mattman, GM's director of commercial product and specialty vehicles, told the news source.

The automaker says that the new trucks will be able to run on either typical gasoline or natural gas, and the vehicles will automatically switch between the two systems when one tank is depleted. Altogether, drivers can travel 650 miles before needing to fill up.

No matter what type of fuel your car runs on, keeping it in great shape is of the utmost importance, especially if you rely on that vehicle for work. Regular auto maintenance such as tune-ups and oil changes can keep cars running like new and extend the lifespan of a vehicle.

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