GM may buy back fire-prone Volts

December 2, 2011 12:00 AM

General Motors has already offered loaner cars to drivers who are worried about the potential of their Chevrolet Volt catching on fire after a National Highway Traffic Safety Administration investigation found that the model's battery could combust in post-crash situations. Now, the automaker is going a step further, offering to buy the cars back outright, reports The Detroit Free Press.

The company indicated it would buy back the Volt from drivers who requested it, but also said only a small number had done so thus far. GM has not officially announced a buyback program, but may reach an agreement with the few drivers who have requested it.

"We are considering it," spokesman Greg Martin told the news source. "What we're finding is we have an intensely loyal group of Volt owners."

The fire issue may be unique to the Volt, but mechanical issues can ultimately be dangerous in any vehicle. Drivers should keep up with their auto maintenance to ensure that their vehicle is as safe as possible, and routine trips to the garage can also help nip any more expensive car repair issues in the bud.

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