GM hopes to bridge gap between smartphone and in-car GPS

March 30, 2012 01:59 PM

Sometimes technology progresses so fast that it's difficult to keep up. Just a few years ago, GPS systems were the new must-have features in vehicles. Now, GPS is found for free on just about every smartphone, reducing the number of people who buy the option on their cars.

General Motors is hoping to change that with its new smartphone app, the GoGo Link, reports The Associated Press. After doing research on Chevrolet Sonic and Spark buyers, GM found that 90 percent own smartphones, and the vast majority prefer to use their built-in apps for navigation.

The new GoGo Link app, which will cost $50, will link the smartphone to the Chevrolet's touchscreen. This allows drivers to easily view the map on a larger screen and clearly hear the spoken directions through the car's audio, rather than holding up their small phone while driving. The app will also add features typically found on pricier GPS systems.

Nobody wants to get lost when they're driving, but this is doubly worse if the car breaks down at the same time. Those planning a long road trip should be sure that they take care of any auto maintenance before they go - new tires and an oil change can make all the difference.

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