Get ready for fall with the right vehicle maintenance

September 6, 2013 12:00 AM

With temperatures falling and summer tans quickly fading, it's time to turn your attention to the fall. A big part of this should be taking steps toward preventative vehicle maintenance and getting your vehicle ready for the cooler - and potentially inclement - weather. 

Mopar recently went over some of the most vital areas of maintenance that drivers should be checking in on this fall. These are just a few of the aspects that should be examined, but for a comprehensive look at a vehicle, you should consider taking your car to an auto repair franchise. There, a professional can examine all of the important areas of a vehicle to make sure it is capable of handling fall and winter weather. 

Extended road trips, stop-and-go beach traffic and general wear all wreak havoc on brakes during the summer months. That means you should be sure to have up-to-date brake service - if not, you could be facing slick roads and icy surfaces with weak brakes, which is a significant safety hazard. 

One of the most important things drivers should do to prepare for a harsh winter is check their tires. While the importance of this gear has been well stated, it cannot be stressed enough. The air pressure and tread wear must be examined at regular intervals to ensure the grip remains steady on all surfaces. As temperatures fall, tire pressure fluctuates, so be sure to frequently take a look at your wheels and keep them at the manufacturer-recommended level. 

Heat is one of the biggest threats to a high-functioning battery. In fact, high temperatures can cause fluid in a battery to evaporate, damaging the interior and interrupting the charging system, which eventually destroys the battery. Unfortunately, many problems stemming from the heat don't strike until the cooler months, after the battery has worn down, but having a professional check and potentially replace the product during a car tune up could save you a lot of time and aggravation. 

Wiper blades and fluid
There's no telling what kind of weather the winter has in store. Whether you find yourself in heavy rains or snowstorms, you need to see what is in front of you, which makes caring for wipers extremely important. Replacing the fluid and antifreeze is also essential, as it allows you to easily get rid of icy coverage on windows and clearly see the road ahead. 

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