Get ready for Easter road trips

March 18, 2013 12:00 AM

With the Easter holiday right around the corner, many people across the U.S. will be setting off for quick weekend getaways to spend time with family and friends. Because most revelers are only venturing away from home for a few days, many are choosing to drive to their destinations, but they should prepare for their trips by having their car checked for any required maintenance or repairs. 

Before embarking on a road trip, no matter what length, drivers should get a car tune up. Harsh winter weather may have caused damage to a vehicle, and having a professional take a look at the ride can take care of any necessary repairs while also offering drivers peace of mind. 

The Easter holiday falls a bit early this year, which means drivers need to be prepared for weather that may not exactly feel like spring. It's hard to predict sudden rain or snow showers that could come up during travel, so all cars should be ready for any type of inclement weather. Make sure the wiper fluid and antifreeze is well stocked, check tire pressure and even have an oil change done to improve a car's handling. Then car owners can pack an emergency kit, with things like gravel for traction in slippery road conditions, to be ready for any type of driving.

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