Get good mileage during holiday travel

November 26, 2013 12:00 AM

Paying for gas is one of the biggest expenses related to owning a car. However, drivers can find ways to improve their vehicle's mileage and save money on fuel. While sticking to scheduled maintenance is key, there are a few other strategies that also work. 

To find the best tips for improving mileage, Shell reached out to Wayne Gerdes, a man who holds multiple world records for the most fuel-efficient driving. He had a number of tips for drivers who are hitting the road this holiday season, and one of the easiest was to conserve momentum and keep your distance from others on the road. Leaving room to brake or accelerate evenly is key, and simple actions like slowing in anticipation of an intersection can help you avoid stopping completely. 

"Smart driving is especially important during the holidays when we are on the road so much," said Gerdes. "Even if you don't analyze weather patterns [and] road conditions, and monitor traffic ... there are still easy steps you can take to improve mileage. It is a matter of planning ahead and being aware of what might negatively affect your fuel economy." 

Another tip is to use cruise control. Maintaining a constant speed can improve your mileage, but you should make sure you have the necessary brake repair to operate effectively. 

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