Get a comprehensive vehicle history before buying a car

October 14, 2013 12:00 AM

Shopping around for a used car can be a big undertaking, which is why prospective buyers need all of the help and support they can get. In addition to getting a professional opinion from a worker at an auto repair franchise, motorists should also make sure they are looking at a comprehensive vehicle history of a model before signing a deal. 

One of the first things drivers should do is order a title history. Locating the vehicle identification number is relatively easy, and that code is all you need to start researching the automobile. According to Money Talks News, a CARFAX report is a good place to start, but there are a few ways to delve even deeper. Getting a readout from the National Motor Vehicle Title Information System may be a huge advantage, as it will alert you as to other uses or past collisions. 

The title history isn't the only blast from the past you need. You should also be looking into the service history of a vehicle. This report will detail all past vehicle maintenance, including things like engine checks, brake repair, tire rotation and oil changes. All of these actions can extend the life of a vehicle, and the service summary can also clue you in to any problems that have been addressed in the past. 

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