Gas prices not affecting spring travel

March 22, 2012 12:00 AM

Although gas prices are on the rise, many drivers are not adjusting their spring vacation plans, reports the Los Angeles Times.

Two-thirds of people surveyed by the Auto Club of Southern California say gas prices have affected their household budgeting. However, 57 percent of these people say they'll be taking a spring vacation anyway. Last year, just 55 percent said they wouldn't change their plans.

According to the AAA Daily Fuel Gauge Report, gas is up $0.34 per gallon compared to last year, and $0.31 from just a month ago. In Southern California, the difference is even more pronounced, with the price in this region up $0.42 compared to the previous year.

Auto Club spokesperson Jeffrey Spring told the news source that one reason they're not seeing a big change in travel plans is that drivers may be used to the prices by now. Gas prices frequently rose above $4.00 per gallon last year, and have stayed below the $4.50 mark.

Drivers looking to take a road trip this spring should be sure their car is in top condition by taking it in for auto maintenance. Tune-ups and oil changes can help with fuel economy and may help discover car repairs that need to be taken care of before a long vacation.

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