Gas prices dip below $3 in some parts of the country

July 18, 2012 12:00 AM

Gas prices have dropped below $3 per gallon in some parts of the United States for the first time in years, although other areas have seen a rise in costs over the past few weeks.

According to USA Today, the low prices can be found at fill-up stations in the South and along the Gulf Coast. The state with the cheapest gas in the country is actually South Carolina, which is currently averaging $3.04 per gallon. Some stations are dropping their prices below average in order to entice customers with that nice "$2" on their signs. At one Costco in the Palmetto State, the price is actually $2.84.

Several other states also have several stations where gas can be found for less than $3, mainly along the Gulf of Mexico. Mississippi, Arkansas, Louisiana and Alabama all have cheap gas available.

While the news is great for those down south, prices have risen in recent weeks for the rest of the country. The national average price for fuel is up two weeks in a row and currently averages $3.43 per gallon. The most expensive place to buy gas continues to be California, where the average price is still over $3.75.

Drivers who want to increase their fuel economy can do so through auto maintenance. Changing worn tires and getting a car tune up can help increase MPGs.

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