Fuel economy continues to improve in new cars

July 11, 2013 01:06 PM

Saving money is nearly always at the forefront of drivers' minds. Whether it's choosing an auto repair franchise that will provide an affordable car tune up or shopping around for cars that have great mileage, it's not uncommon for motorists to put in a little extra effort to save money.

According to new data from TrueCar, drivers are buying new cars with high fuel economy. In the month of June, the average fuel economy for new light vehicles was 23.7 miles per gallon, a number consistent with May levels and an increase of 0.7 mpg from the same time last year. 

These efficient vehicles are attracting drivers, even at a time when falling fuel prices are making all kinds of cars accessible. 

"Despite the relative drop in gas prices, consumer's preference for fuel efficient vehicles only grew stronger in June," said TrueCar analyst Jesse Toprak. "Even though we observed [an] unseasonably strong increase in truck sales in the recent months, the higher efficiency of the new models resulted in another month of improvement in overall TrueMPG for the industry." 

Offerings from Nissan and Chrysler had the greatest fuel economy improvements, as both automakers saw their average fuel economy increase by more than 1.1 mpg. 


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