Former President George W. Bush auctions Ford for $300,000

January 22, 2013 12:00 AM

Former President George W. Bush donated his Ford F-150 King Ranch 4x4 SuperCrew to the Barrett-Jackson automobile auction in the hopes that the truck would raise money for charity. The politician's truck was being sold at the Scottsdale auction in order to provide funds for the Fisher House Foundation, which aids military members and their families.

The Ford truck eventually sold for $300,000 - a hefty price tag, but much less than was expected.According to Inquisitr, a used, low-mileage 2009 model of the same truck should retail for around $29,000. So while the Bush name bumped up the price quite significantly, the final cost was much lower than originally anticipated. Even auctioneer and car enthusiast Jay Leno couldn't excite the Arizona crowd enough to push the price up, and the bidding stalled at $300,000 instead of reaching the $600,000 mark experts predicted it could.

Why the truck didn't sell for more remains a mystery. It was only driven on Bush's ranch in Crawford, Texas, and didn't have any major issues that would have required auto repair or anything other than standard vehicle maintenance. The automobile has only been owned by the Bush family since they ordered it new in 2009.

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